Bahama Hand Prints collaboration

When I heard that the first Engage Luxury Wedding Summit of 2019 was going to be at BahaMar in Nassau, Bahamas, I probably got a little more excited than most. You see, my husband is half Bahamian and he was raised in Nassau and still has a lot of family that live there. It is definitely my adopted second country. And when I thought about how I was going to present Working Wear Co. in the Bahamas only one company came to mind - Bahama Hand Prints. I had the great fortune to get to tour this local textile manufacturing facility many years back, long before Working Wear Co. was even a seed of an idea. I loved what they did there and how they represent this country that I love. So I reached out to their current owner, Alannah, who just happened to have gone to school with my husband, and asked if she would be willing to let me use some of her fabrics for some of our garments. She said yes and the collaboration began.

As Spring approached, I anxiously awaited the attire suggestions from Emily Clark Events because I knew they would help drive which Bahama Hand Prints fabrics I selected.

When I saw these mood boards I knew just the fabrics to use.

I wanted to drive home the idea that Working Wear Co. garments don’t have to come in just “event black.” We can create garments for event teams and servers that fit the theme of an event or use the signature color of a company. The sky is the limit!

Let’s break the mold of standard uniforms and have some fun with color and prints! Who is ready to collaborate on some fun garments?

And if you are wondering why I look like I am leading the Bahamian National Police Band out of the opening session, it is because I am! This may have been the highlight of my year. I love the police band! I see them every year when we celebrate Christmas in Nassau and I was so excited to see them enter the room on the first day of Engage that it must have been written all over my face because the band leader looked at me and said “you want to lead us out?” I shook my head with excitement, grabbed that baton and was off. Dancing and high stepping all the way to the cocktail hour where they were leading us. The sweet band leader at one point said “wait for us” and then I grabbed his arm and we marched together. Once we arrived at the destination they began making formations and weaving themselves. I had seen them do this a few times before and was so excited to be participating. The band leader guided me by the shoulders to show me where to go so I didn’t get hit by a trombone or tuba and then just like that they were done. It was a once in a lifetime moment. Year made!

Photos by Eric Kelley, Love Life Images & Emily Clark Events