Travel tips for the working mom

With Working Wear Co. up and running, I have traveled more for work in the last year than ever before. As a mom of two boys and a husband who thankfully never has to travel for work, our travel usually consisted of vacations and trips to see family. But traveling for work can be a completely different experience when you are leaving your well oiled machine of a home for a few days during the school week. Here are a few tips that I have learned to make leaving the house and traveling for work more bearable and less stressful for everyone.

  1. Help those you are leaving behind - sometimes the ones holding down the fort get the hardest job. Whether it is your spouse, a grandparent or nanny, jumping in and taking over jobs that you would normally do can be hard. Give some assistance before you go by pre-packing lunches for a day or two or making sure the kids have clean laundry while you are gone. Giving the caregivers a leg up, especially from the start, can set a solid foundation for the whole time you are away.

  2. FaceTime - how did we leave home without being able to video chat with our families? Seriously, if you traveled with kids before the invention of the iPhone, please tell us how you did it. Having breakfast with your kids or reading them a story at bedtime over FaceTime can bridge the gap during the time you are away.

  3. Communicate - make sure everyone is on the same page and knows the schedule for the week. Write it down and put it on the fridge or use a group calendar. Include important information like who is going where and when and how they are getting there (with back-up options if possible). Having this information clearly laid out can save having to leave an important meeting to coordinate carline pick up.

  4. Don’t feel guilty - Being away from home can be painful. Don’t let mommy guilt get you down because being away is important for you and your job. To help curb these feelings, bring a sentimental item from your kids that brings a smile to your face. If you don’t have one, get crafty. Have your kids draw you a picture or put their hand prints on a travel bag so they know they are with you no matter where you are.

  5. Bring home trinkets - show your kids you were thinking of them while you were away. Bring home the chocolates from your evening turn down or a small toy or stuffed animal from the gift shop. Ask the front desk for suggestions and you may find that they have souvenirs that they give out for just this occasion.

Travel has become an increasingly large part of being a modern working mom. Don’t stress and enjoy that quiet hotel room and TV remote that you get to have all to yourself.