It is a really crazy feeling when you play out a scene over and over again in your mind and then you live it.  I have thought countless times about what would happen when I launched Working Wear for the first time to people who aren't supposed to tell me they dig it because they love me.  I played out different scenarios in my head before I went to sleep or I would think about how the set-up would look while I was driving.  Honestly, I couldn't have anticipated how incredibly positive the reaction would be.  My Engage Summit family is really incredible.  They opened their arms to Working Wear like I never would have imagined.  They got it because they are in the same position I am; frustrated with the clothing options for our industry.  I received so many cheers from supporters.  I was overwhelmed by the smiles and the "I'm so proud of you"s. 

So here we go.  This thing that I was a little too scared to talk about out loud is out in the world.  Let's see where this road leads.