It has been a few months since I launched Working Wear at the Engage Summit in Banff. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually buy the product. And if they did, would they like it? Would they find it useful? I created Working Wear out of my own need and the perceived need of others but was that a reality?

I am happy to report that some people have bought it and from what they tell me, really love the product. I can’t tell you how thankful I am when I receive emails like this:

“I have to tell you - people are freaked out when they see me pull stuff from my back.  And when I unload ten trillion things out of the pockets they are floored.  Its like the Mary Poppins bag turned into a jacket.  I LOVE IT.  It really has changed so much for me for receptions - I love being free of the crossbody!” - Kelly

“I love it so much I may wear the buttons off” - Neillie

“I had a last minute destination wedding in Detroit and used it and LOVED it. I usually sport a cross-over, which I hate, but with the jacket was totally able to have a more clean, streamlined look. I LOVE IT!” - Cicely

With that being said, it has been a slow process but I am encouraged by the response and excited about the future of Working Wear ahead. I have been speaking to our fantastic manufacturing partners and we are finalizing the details of both the Planner Blazer and a dress. So stay tuned for some fun stuff in 2019. Until then, I am going to be thankful for the ups and the downs, the good and the bad and the successes and the failures.

Happy Thanksgiving!