The Southern C

I have been hearing about The Southern Coterie Summit for a few years now. It always intrigued me and I knew once I got Working Wear up and running that it would be a great environment to listen and learn. The 2019 Summit was the year! I packed my bags and headed to Sea Island, GA with no intention other than to gain knowledge. And that I did.

The difference between the Southern C and other summits is actually in its name. It is Southern. Not solely in it’s people or products but in it’s ethos. Yes, it is mostly women entrepreneurs from the South but it goes far deeper than that. It is a small group of hospitable people just trying to make their businesses work. Asking questions, answering questions and trying to lift all boats.

I came away from the Summit with a notebook full of ideas. I am not sure where those ideas will take me but I have a feeling, some time down the road, I will look back and know just where they started.